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Awaken the hero in you – Batman Begins Perfume & Raffle

If you give me the choice and ask which superhero is my absolute favorite, then there’s the answer Spiderman or Batman. Spiderman, simply because he lives in everyday life and is just a hero when it matters. Batman, because he is not a classic superhero, he has no special superpowers, and only uses his trained skills, his courage, his skill, his willpower and of course his money to protect Gotham City.

The question that has certainly arisen already, why Sebastian writes here about superheroes? No stress, I will answer you yet. The reason for this is the Batman Begins – The New Dark Fragrance for Men Perfume which came on 15 June 2014 on the market and has already found my way to me. But you too should benefit, because you can win the two perfumes that you can see in the first photo. More information about the competition can be found at the end of the article, first of all there are some interesting details about the Batman Begins perfume.

Awaken the hero in you - Batman Begins Perfume & Raffle

This is available in two sizes, 30 ml and 50 ml, in all Müller stores. From July, the Batman fragrance will be available in specialist retail stores, accompanied by a range of other personal care products. It is the result of a collaboration between the Luxess Group, a successful lifestyle brand marketing and distribution company that has partnered with Warner Bros. Consumer Products and DC Entertainment. The reason for this was Batman’s 75th birthday in 2014. Wow, 75 years old and still on a criminal hunt!

In my opinion, the Batman theme has been successfully presented in the final product. This is how the bottle appears in the form of the unmistakable Batman logo and impresses with the transition from matt, opaque black to a transparent, dark blue. A matt black, noble closure with Batman relief completes the noble packaging perfectly. On the dark outer packaging also emblazoned a silver Batman logo and the words “Batman Begins”.

Awaken the hero in you - Batman Begins Perfume & Raffle

We come to the most difficult topic for me in perfumes, the description of the fragrance. For me, there are currently only two fragrances: Like it or not like it. Basta, there’s nothing more. Since some of you are certainly not satisfied with that, I have picked out some more information about the fragrance of the perfume. It is described as follows:

“The fresh top note of citrus and floral aromas is the inspiring prelude and stands for the smart and self-confident appearance Bruce Waynes. The high-contrast heart note made of chords of violet leaves, coumarin and pepper represents Batman’s ambivalent character – thoughtful and strong at the same time. Gradually unfolds a classic, spicy-woody base of cedar, sandalwood, amber and musk. “

Still to my own opinion, I like the smell quite well. Goes for me in the direction of summery perfume. I would not necessarily want to wear it every day, but just for a leisurely evening with friends or in the city, if you can do it, the perfume fits quite well. But sure, no one will argue against Batman and say something against his perfume, right?

Awaken the hero in you - Batman Begins Perfume & Raffle

But now for the raffle of two Batman Begins – The New Dark Fragrance for Men Perfumes. Go easy this time, the Rafflecopter helps me again in the raffle. You simply have to log in with your Facebook account or mail account. Like the Facebook page of or confirm that you have already liked this and you’re already in the lot pot. The competition will run from 04.07.2014 until 12.07.2014 at 20:00. The two winners will be drawn from the Likes and notified by me. The legal process is excluded. Good luck with the competition.

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Update – 13.07 .: The two winners have already been notified by e-mail, so the perfumes will go out in the best case tomorrow with the post.

Awaken the hero in you - Batman Begins Perfume & Raffle

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