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After-Nicholas raffle with brown

Well, Nikolaus survived well? After presenting you and the other readers “just” the Look of the Week yesterday, there is still a little surprise today. Together with Braun, I present an after-nicholas raffle – so that nothing stands in the way of a well-groomed holiday appearance with the family. Promised!

You can win one of two Nikolaussets by Braun, each set includes a Braun Series 3 and a Braun styling (hair trimmer & beard trimmer). What exactly you can do with that you will find out below.

Braun Series 3 guarantees thorough and comfortable shaving performance

After-Nicholas raffle with brown

The Braun Series 3 is the ideal dry shaver for the man of today who is looking to accelerate his daily routine a little bit faster to devote himself to the beautiful things in life. Of course without sacrificing the actual shaving result. This is made possible by the MicroComb technology, which is used in the dry shaver.

By the eponymous, comb-like structure, the beard hair – which often grows in different directions – erect, so that the shear elements escapes any hair. This allows the Series 3 to cut long and short beard hair in one go, delivering a thorough shave result faster and with less skin irritation. The flexible shaving head also ensures a smooth adjustment of the shaving elements on all facial contours and hair types, which also contributes to a thorough and smooth shave.

After-Nicholas raffle with brown

These groundbreaking features are housed in a razor, which remains true to the Braun design approach “Strength of Pure”. This connects flowing and
functional design with innovative and unbeatable top performance. The Series 3 has a slim profile and ergonomic grip technology for a secure grip, making it easy to hold.

Braun Styling – hair trimmer & beard trimmer for the perfect holiday appearance

If you do not want to completely remove your beard with the Series 3, but only get it into shape, then the beard trimmer of Braun’s Styling Tools is the right choice. Because this allows perfect trimming, individual beard length as well as exact contours, no matter whether one carries three days beard or full beard. This allows up to 25 length adjustments with improved comb attachments. Trimming in 0.5-millimeter increments is also no problem thanks to the innovative precision wheel.

After-Nicholas raffle with brown

Two different, removable comb attachments ensure maximum flexibility. But apart from the actual styling also the cleaning of the equipment plays an important role and here I am thrilled that the beard trimmer can be cleaned under running water – thanks to the sealed housing. Another plus point is the so-called Memory Safety Lock, which saves the last used length setting and thus shorts the beard without lengthy consideration back to the preferred length and trims.

After-Nicholas raffle with brown

What works for the beard also works for your own hairstyle. Here comes the hair clipper of the Braun styling tools used. This allows thanks to individual settings, the perfect hairstyle, which knows how to convince through precise contours. Two comb attachments with up to 17 length settings from 3 to 35 millimeters make it possible to cut your own hair to any length.

If you want it shorter, you can use the Braun hair trimmer carefree without attachment. As with the beard trimmer, cleaning under water is also possible here, and you also do not have to do without the MemorySafety Lock, which saves the last used length setting. Sounds good. The visit to the hairdresser before the holiday can save you quite.

So you win one of two Nikolaussets by Braun

As promised, the information now follows to win one of two Nikolaussets from Braun. Included is a Braun Series 3 and a Braun styling (hair trimmer & beard trimmer) per set. Winning is really easy. For this you only have to comment under this post, if you have ever cut your own hair and if this was a complete success or rather failure. By chance, the winner will be determined from the comments after the end of the competition.

Otherwise, the following rules apply. The raffle will start at 12:15 on 07.12.2016 and ends on 14.12.2016 at 20:15. Participation without guarantee. I wish you success!

  • The legal process is excluded.
  • The price was provided to me free of charge and can not be paid in cash.
  • Participation from 18 years.
  • The winning address for the shipping of profits is forwarded to Brandzeichen Markenberatung und Kommunikations GmbH.
This post is supported by Braun

After-Nicholas raffle with brown

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