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7 ways to wear line up hair

7 ways to wear line up hair

In addition to the fade is a hot addition to any hairstyle to align one . This cut, also known as “up up,” “shape up,” or “lineup,” defines the hairline in straight lines and right angles.

It used to be more common for black hair, but now a popular supplement is haircuts for every hair type and length. For men with facial hair, a line-up in the skin can be continued beard for a uniform appearance on the face.

Like all shaved styles, line-ups look the sharpest when they’re fresh. This cut requires more frequent hairdressing visits. To avoid the hairline being pushed back, wait for the hair to grow a little before making a cut. At each visit, the edge should be kept as close as possible to the natural hairline so as not to create a receding hairline.

Look at these pictures for 7 ways to stretch hair.

1. Line Up + Surgical Part

7 ways to wear line up hair

Juan Abreu

A curved surgical part and a contrasting, edgy line give the classic slick combo a modern touch.

2nd line hairline

7 ways to wear line up hair

Wizzy da Barber

Why wear a line-up? This before and after image shows how clear and clean a defined hairline can be.

3rd overall cut + line up + skin fade

7 ways to wear line up hair

Raggo’s Barbering

A line up, a double shaved part and a bare fade add a lot of detail to a short buzz cut.

4. Long Hair + Line Up

7 ways to wear line up hair

Christian Valentin

To add a line to longer men’s hairstyles, the hairline is set back. This pomp fade is even cooler with faded sides and a straight hairline.

5. Combo + Line Up

7 ways to wear line up hair

RM barber

Another way to wear a line-up with longer hair is a high fade, as above. The hair is long at the top with angular corners that fade into a taper.

6. Line up corners

7 ways to wear line up hair

Only Mike

Similar to the previous cut, this thick combination ranks the corners of the hairline. This version has an added effect of cutting into thicker hair to provide so much contrast.

7. Natural Curls + Line Up + Fade

7 ways to wear line up hair

Rokk Man Barbers

This is one of the most popular haircuts for men with curly and frizzy hair . The natural texture stays on top, while a taper defines the sides short and a line defines the hairline. There are many variations of this flattering and easy to carry combination.

7 ways to wear line up hair

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7 ways to wear line up hair

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