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6 ways to wear a low fade

6 ways to wear a low fade

A fade is a stylish and modern addition to any man’s hairstyle. What is a fading haircut? Instead of cutting hair on one side to a length and a defined line on the neck, a fade fades the hair from short to shorter and with a bare fade, down to the skin.

Fade haircuts can start high, low or in the middle of the head. Here we take a look at 6 ways to carry a slight fading. As you will see, a crossfade works with all types of haircuts for men, from short to longer.

1. The neck rejuvenation

6 ways to wear a low fade

Carlos Rivera

The lowest fading of all is the neck cone . This fast fade eliminates a hard cutout for a blur down to the skin. It looks good and grows clean.

2. Slight skin bleaching

6 ways to wear a low fade

Christian Valentin

This classic side hairstyle gives this hairstyle a modern touch that extends to the skin. The appearance effectively increases the hairline and creates a clean finish.

3. Mid Taper + Hide low skin

6 ways to wear a low fade

Michael’s Barber Shop

For a stylish way to manage the sides and back of thick hair, this cut has a taper that starts in the middle of the head and ends in a low bare fading. Combined with a line on the forehead, the hairline is perfectly maintained all around.

4th high and tight + low soon fade

6 ways to wear a low fade

Nomad Barber LDN

The high and tight is one of the most popular hairstyles for men with black hair. As the name implies, the hair stays up longer, while the sides are cut short and tight. The skin fade low is as tight as it gets.

5. Long Buzz Cut + Low Taper Fade

6 ways to wear a low fade

Blessed Barber Studio

The low fade even works with an ultra-short cut. The low crossfade adds style and makes a buzz not look like a DIY job.

6. Low fade + beard

6 ways to wear a low fade

Mokum barbers

Hair dyes can be worn not only with all types and hair lengths, but also with a beard. The hair tapers in the temple area down to the skin and pulls quickly back into the facial hair in the side burn, to allow a seamless transition between the two. Like all faded necklines, the growth process looks natural, so you do not have to see the barber every other week, unless you want to.

6 ways to wear a low fade

Check, then

The beard is a stylish trend for 2015 that suits all men. Even better, …

6 ways to wear a low fade

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