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5 high fade haircuts

5 high fade haircuts

The high fading as almost completely replaces the undercut as the possibility to ultra short cut the sides and the back of the hair. While the undercut is still cool, the all-one-length style creates a haircut with a sharp contrast between shaved and longer hair.

The high fade creates a gradient between hair and skin for a more subtle transition. These high bleaches short the hair near the top of the head, but go up, down, or halfway down to the skin.

Take a look at these pictures of 5 high-fade haircuts to see what we’re talking about.

1. sweep back + high fading

5 high fade haircuts

Nomad Barber LDN

The high works with any kind of hair, cut or hairstyle, but looks particularly good with this smooth back that fits seamlessly into the taper fade.

2. Curly Top + High Fade

5 high fade haircuts

Squeak Pro Barber

The ultra-short sides of high-fade make every hair type easy to handle, even the thickest and most freaky locks. This tall and tight style is perfect for curly hair and looks great with enough length for a natural texture and volume.

3. Hide High Skin + Line Up

5 high fade haircuts

Besides working with any hair type, the high crossfade works with every hair length. Adding a bland fade to a buzz ensures a clean cut and a maintenance-free look with a lot of style.

4. Man rolls + high fade

5 high fade haircuts


Men with long and long hair also take the high fade. While the man bun with a good looks beaten , a conical style adds something.

5. High Fade + Shaved Line

5 high fade haircuts

Conor Taaffe

A fade can be a canvas for cool hair designs. All you need is a shaved line for a simple look that notices you. On top of this fresh style is blown back with a lot of height.

5 high fade haircuts

Check, then

The beard is a stylish trend for 2015 that suits all men. Even better, …

5 high fade haircuts

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