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5 guys haircuts with cool details

5 guys haircuts with cool details

Talented barber is an art and a craft. The basics include finding a cut that works best for your characteristics and hair type. Artistry is all about creativity and the ability to perform precise lines and blurry fades.

The hairstyles of these 5 men show all the details that take the hair to the next level. Some of these features are bold, others are subtle, but they are the result of talented barbers.

1. Operation part + Line Up + High and Fade

5 guys haircuts with cool details

Rokk Man Barbers

This modern combo is a simple style that looks good. Simply brush a pomade with medium-length hair and comb back to the diagonal.

What separates this cut from the rest is a defined, hard part, a high skin color and a line on the temples. The result is cool disconnected style contrasts long hair with short.

2. Burst Fade + Hair Design

5 guys haircuts with cool details

Germaine Walker

A taper fade can be a canvas for shaved hair designs. You can go big with pictures or logos or opt for something more subtle and geometric. This cool cut has two shaved lines over a burst fade. This cool design can be a complement to just about every haircut.

3. V-cut neck + short hair

5 guys haircuts with cool details

Carlos Rivera

The V-shaped neckline is such a cool way to finish a haircut. Here it brings something special to a short Buzzcut. A fast crossfade on both sides enhances the effect.

4. Blurred Fade + Line Up

5 guys haircuts with cool details

Jay’s Fades

The cool detail in this high-low fade is the Expert Cut itself. The hair tapers from full thickness to skin in a visual blur. The effect comes from near and far. A line at the hairline adds geometric precision.

5. Cutting Taper

5 guys haircuts with cool details

Mr. Liptrot

A clean neckline is a component of the haircut of a tall man. This cool cut features a layered texture at the top and a taper on the sides. The neck has a fast skin coloration with defined sides for a perfect finish that will continue to look good as it grows out.

5 guys haircuts with cool details

Check, then

The beard is a stylish trend for 2015 that suits all men. Even better, …

5 guys haircuts with cool details

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