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35 cool men hairstyles

35 cool men hairstyles

It’s very easy to get the same haircut, buy the same product, and style your hair the way you’ve done over and over again. Low risk, easy.

But it’s kind of boring and the same old, same old one will not notice you. Stay cool and try some contemporary looks and modern mens hairstyles .

When you become the barber for your next haircut, make a picture of a new and totally different style than your usual cut. Just tell your barber that I should make my hair look that way. Be brave, dive into the unknown and have fun!

You will be amazed at how people treat you differently and in a very positive way when you step out the door and return to your daily life. Here are 35 cool men’s hairstyles that you can use to try out and completely change your current look.

35. Long wavy hair undercut hairstyle

35 cool men hairstyles

Haircut by Louisa Harper

We always want what we do not have. For straight hair, adding a wave like this unique ruffled combo style means ending in a whorl behind .

34. Cool hair design + undercut hairstyle

35 cool men hairstyles

Haircut by Drew Da Barber

For a unique look that does not require styling, it’s all about hair designs. An undercut or fade are the foundation for the skills and creativity of your hairdresser.

33. Classic men’s short haircut

35 cool men hairstyles

Haircut from cellar

An update to a classic cut is always a winner. This new crewcut keeps the hair short and prickly, but adds an ironing thread that blends seamlessly into a short beard.

32. Short haircut + Burst Fade

35 cool men hairstyles

Haircut by The Mohawk Barber

Season this buzz cut with fresh lines and blurry fades. This ultra-short style adds interest with a burst fade around the ears, tight angles at the temples and a sweeping neckline.

31. High Skin Fade Pompadour

35 cool men hairstyles

Haircut by Antonio Mateo

This combination is one of the top men’s hair trends of the year. The bodice is long and styled in a retro-inspired pompadour. A hard part and a high cross-fade provide the look for 2016.

35 cool men hairstyles

Check, then

The beard is a stylish trend for 2015 that suits all men. Even better, …

35 cool men hairstyles

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