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15 modern haircuts for men

15 modern haircuts for men

These modern hairstyles offer a unique selection of current and classic men’s hair. If you are looking for something that sets you apart from the crowd, each of these unique cuts and styles will do just that. Whether hair is short or long, there are many ways to look different.

1. Messy pomp

15 modern haircuts for men

Morris Motley

Pomp Fade is one of the hottest styles of 2016. Adding a pinch of trendy, this release takes you one step further on chaotic terrain for a cool windblown look. The key to making messy styles work is that the Tousle purposely looks rather sloppy. Get the look with Morris Motley Treatment Styling Balm.

2. Double surgical part

15 modern haircuts for men

Gabriel Soares Torrubia

We saw a lot of hard parts in the last year, but adding a second part over a skin fade is the next level.

3. Choppy Crop

15 modern haircuts for men

Chris Graham hair

The structured crop with blunt fringes is one of the fastest growing men’s hair trends. This Edge version deals with texture for choppy cuts that add unexpected angles. The contrast between blond pony and dark roots enhances the effect.

4. Wide Mohawk + V-shaped neck

15 modern haircuts for men

Men’s World Herenkapper

Instead of the usual side and rear cone, this mohawk inspired style holds a wide stripe from forehead to neck. Texture everything with a V-shaped cut balance messy and clean cut.

5. Blue Crop + hair design

15 modern haircuts for men

Paul Mac Special

This is a striking haircut even without the blues that accentuate choppy sections. This experimental look treats the hair as a canvas with unlimited possibilities.

6. Curved fade + texture

15 modern haircuts for men

MENSPIRE Male Image & Grooming

On the top, this is a cool textured cut that’s great for guys with thick hair. The sides are slightly different than the usual skin fade with a curved line that creates an asymmetric hairline on the back.

7. High and tight + shaved lines

15 modern haircuts for men

Hair Club Live

Some of the coolest hair designs are the simplest. Two shaved lines like an equal sign stand out from a short hum.

8. Asymmetric Combo + Hard Part

15 modern haircuts for men

Juan Abreu

This new version of the combo hairstyle shows a shaved part on a curve. The result is more hair on one side than others for a cool asymmetric profile.

9. Hard Fade + V-Cut

15 modern haircuts for men

Justin Thomas

Instead of the blurred fade effect, this cut shows a strong fading, which creates a strong contrast between hair and skin. The line runs diagonally to a cool V-neck.

10. Curly hair + separation

15 modern haircuts for men

Josh Connolly

This fresh style puts loose curly hair on top with a short skin fold on the sides. Use a diffuser to curl volume.

11. Rounded flat top + surgical line

15 modern haircuts for men

Leomar Rosa

Flat tops make a come back this summer. This modern version of the look has more natural, rounded edges with this characteristic height.

12. Flat Top + steps

15 modern haircuts for men

Jason Reyes

This three-story flat top is one of the coolest looks out there.

13. Modern Emo style

15 modern haircuts for men

Ross Mathieson

This modern version with the classic emo-multi-directional combing brings the hair on one side in one point.

14. Platinum + fringe + texture

15 modern haircuts for men

Ryan Cullen

The bold color brings even more attention to this unique style. The long pony is combed forward and turned to one side, while the back only revolves around the texture.

15. Braided pomp

15 modern haircuts for men

Matthew Conrad

With enough length , hair can be braided to add a texture. This unexpected style features a braided pomp as well as braided sides.

15 modern haircuts for men

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15 modern haircuts for men

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